Victoria Ann Krott — Homewrecker, Slore, ADULTERERPosted by On

Victoria Ann Krott — Homewrecker, Slore, ADULTERER

Victoria Ann Krott

This woman started a relationship with a man that is a stepfather and father of 3 children. She later continued playing the friend card to the now married man. Not only did she take advantage of him but in a trouble marriage she manipulated the situation to move herself into the relationship. As a friend of the opposite sex that is a horrible person. You dont move in on your friends that are in committed relationships with children let alone married friends with children and expecting one. Man or female this woman is a degenerate as a human being let alone a so called friend. After finding out the man was deadly sick and head real brain issues she continued to ensue and entrap a very sick man that couldn’t medically comprehend or be logical because of his diagnosis. Who takes advantage of sick people let alone sick friends. You can find her in any bar or selling her auto parts to manipulative literally and person that can buy or who smiles her way.

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