Trisha Wojcik…Lying transsexual who attempts to ruin people’s livesPosted by On

Trashy Trisha Wojcik of 83 Lake George in Ticonderoga NY… reported to previously be a man by the name of Tom before her surgery…is a fat, devious, lying, scheming, codependent piece of garbage. Married to a philanderer and a cheat and a rapist coward by the name of Steven A Wojcik…Two Ton Twinkie Inhaling Trisha allows her husband to assault women under the influence of psych meds and alcohol and then uses the internet as her platform to continue to assault these women. Even though Tubby Trisha knows that her husband is a scumbag, Twinkie the Kid Trisha STILL stays with him, even though he is the type of slime that tries to get in a married woman’s pants and sends dildos and lingerie to a married woman’s home. Then…probably disgusted by how fat and unattractive and manly she looks, Tranny Trisha lashes out and blames the woman…all this on the heels of her internet postings about how she ‘survived being an abused wife’…boo hoo, Trisha. She seems to want everyone to feel very sorry for her, but she does her best to destroy a woman, her family, her children, her name, her job, EVERYTHING…simply because her husband is a deviant who can’t take no and has no morals. The two of them are as ugly a couple as can be..inside and out.

New York


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