Sylvia E Sanchez is a big fat lying B*itchPosted by On

She is a witch who sets her sights on MARRIED men and uses her big ass (literally) to get their attention. So if your man likes big butts and she gets wind that he noticed hers, she will gravitate to him and act innocent and play the victim and give him sob stories about her life. She tells everyone she is recently divorced but according to county records in the state of Texas, she is not. There are others who have posted on other sites that she left her husband for another man and so on. Either way this bitch is drama looking for a way to come into your life and she will find your husband or your guy’s weakness and exploit it until he falls for the bait. She is literally a witch. She should not be trusted as a friend or a potential hook up. She don’t know me but I know her very well. She has a pattern, she doesn’t want to keep your man, she just wants to play and doesn’t give a crap whose lives or marriages she screws with. She lives on social media looking for a guy to take the bait. She is actively cheating or trying to cheat with married men right now. Her handle is usually “sylviae531” on the major social media outlets. I am telling you she presents herself innocently but she is a damn snake in the grass. She goes by Sylvia Sanchez, Sylvia E Sanchez, Sylvia Pacheco, Sylvia Eliza Pacheco and Sylvia Eliza Sanchez. I found out where she works but won’t say it because she has been with the same company for many years and made lots of friends. All of those people that she works with have been lied to with her stories. I actually know one of her co-workers and have heard the stories this bitch is telling her family and so called friends. All pics shown are from her facebook profile. She cheated with several married men and I have some of the pics she’s been sending these guys but I won’t offend your eyes with those…

 San Antonio


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