Steven A Wojcik 83 Lake George Avenue Ticonderoga NY…Cheat, Adulterer, and RapistPosted by On

Steven A Wojcik…residing at 83 Lake George Avenue in Ticonderoga NY with his wife, Trisha Wojcik, aka Trisha Melton…is the absolute lowest of the low. Wojcik took advantage of a woman he knew for almost thirty years…a woman he knew not only to be married, but also to be suffering from depression and anxiety AND heavily medicated for it…simply to satisfy his needs and desires. Wojcik took this woman out drinking, again even though he knew her to be on medication, all in an attempt to take advantage of her. This suck fuck send a dildo and lingerie to the woman’s house..the house she resided in with her elementary school aged children. He then got her so drunk the last time…while he remained sober..and then removed articles of her clothing and took advantage of her. Then, this slimy piece of garbage got found out by his wife Trisha, and the two of them post hateful untruths about the woman on the internet. Why not only assault her sexually, Steve? Why not ALSO ruin her reputation, put lies on the internet for her kids to find and read, and perhaps try to ruin her marriage? Trisha, why tell the truth? Why not instead blame the victim of your rapist husband, instead of telling the world that you AGAIN married a creep and don’t have the guts to leave? No…just lie about the woman your husband sexually assaulted… These two are trash. Trisha and Steve should be banned from procreating, so they stop creating more little pieces of garbage just like them. What goes around comes around



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