STD Crystal Pillar Chase British Columbia News WeatherPosted by On

STD Crystal Pillar Chase British Columbia News Weather

STD Crystal Pillar Chase British Columbia News Weather

This Women is the most abusive person I have ever met…. After F**king everyone over in Alberta she is now in BC….. If you see this woman being abusive towards her child please report her to child services…..She has an unnatural relationship with her father Dale Pillar….. Even has a boyfriend in Calgary Jay Ellis…… These guys are Pieces of shit themselves look them up…..this women will tell anyone that will listen that she is a victim but then goes out to find men to fill her holes or beat her…. Take all you Have and ruin your life….She will turn around and claim your an abuser…..She is always high….Hands out the drd like its candy……. Look her up crystal p.i.l.l.a.r Calgary….. I’ve been her Vitim don’t be her next…….Last seen on Tinder posing as an IT Student…..BEWARE this scvm is a con woman,manipulator,psychopathic parasite Has her book keeping business to scam people by over charging and withholding their stuff until they pay here what she wants. She is dead broke and bankrupt. She will claw at any guy with money because she is so piss broke and desperate for attention Closeted Racist. Trashy junkie. Trashy wanna be. Trailer trash mindest with her lifestyle. Looks like she 40 and rotten potato without makeup. Looks weird cuz she a druggie. Weirdly shaped body. Entitled, Fowl & disrespectful cu*t who can’t be trusted. DRD vessel cuz she fuks anything that flirts with her raw…….Want To end up with HSV-2…..Look Her up

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