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Peter Scully , Australia

ROT IN HELL World’s worst paedo Peter Scully who filmed baby rapes, tortured kids and made them dig their own graves smirks at life in jail

Authorities in the Philippines considered bringing back the death penalty due to the severity of the Australian’s crimes.

A DEPRAVED paedo who filmed himself torturing and raping children and babies smiles as he leaves court in the Philippines after being jailed for life.

In one sickening case, Aussie sex attacker Peter Gerard Scully, 55, dubbed one of the world’s worst paedophiles, made two little girls dig their own graves.

Authorities in the Philippines had considered bringing back the death penalty because of the severity of the former Melbourne property developer’s heinous crimes.

Scully was filmed grinning as he left the Cagayan de Oro city court in the southern Philippines province of northern Mindanao, reports News.com.au.

He had just been sentenced to life in prison, along with his former girlfriend and accomplice, Carme Ann Alvarez.

The Australian faces up to 60 further charges for child murder, torture and abuse cases against children as young as 12-months-old.

On Wednesday, Judge Jose Escobido declared Scully guilty of one count of human trafficking and five counts of rape by sexual assault of underage girls.

Acting Regional State Prosecutor Merlyn Uy said pending cases against Scully involved his former live-in partner Liezel Margallo and had different child victims.

The evil rapist fled fraud charges in Australia in 2011 and moved to Mindanao, where he would entice impoverished children with money and gifts.

He then drugged the vulnerable youngsters and made films of him raping and torturing them for an international paedophile ring.

Filipino police say Scully also buried a 11-year-old under the floor of a house he was renting after making a film of him raping her and strangling her to death.

Operating a secret child pornography site on the Dark Web called “No Limits Fun”, he sold the videos for up to $10,000 per view.

But of all his despicable acts, his most infamous is the film he made for the Dark Web is horrifying film titled Daisy’s Destruction.

It is this footage which shocked even seasoned child trafficking investigators, a Filipino police chief calling it “the worst we have encountered in our years campaigning against child pornography”.

It is believed the victim in the film is a girl called Barbie, who was taken from her family at the age of five by Magallo – one of Scully’s cohorts.

Margallo and another young girl Carmen Ann Alvarez are also facing charges of child exploitation.

In the film, with Barbie playing “Daisy”, Alvarez and Margallo participate in the child’s torture and sexual assault.

The little girl screams and cries as she is beaten, raped, tortured and defiled by Scully and his two masked accomplices.

Scully uses hot wax, a lighter, barbed wire, submersion in water and sex aids.

His vile crimes went largely undetected until two of his victims, cousins Queenie and Daisy, aged 9 and 12, escaped.

Offered food and shelter by Alvarez, the girls were taken in, raped and tortured and held captive wearing dog collars and chains for five days.

Alvarez, known as Mistress Scully, made them perform sexual acts upon each other while Scully filmed it.

On camera, they were recorded digging their own graves while being continually raped. Alvarez reportedly let them go out of guilt.

Authorities have 45 witnesses in the distressing case of the two girls.

The Philippines Justice Department reported in 2016 that Scully’s paedophile syndicate engaged in cybersex operations, using children below 12-years-old, and including a one-year-old.

Video of the sexual abuse was uploaded on exclusive pornography websites between 2011 and 2014, with payments collected from the viewers via money transfer.

The sick paedo sold his depraved videos to customers in Germany, the US and Brazil.

Chief Philippine prosecutor Jaime Umpa told Fairfax that Scully was the mastermind of an extreme child sex and torture video syndicate based in the southern cities of Surigao, Cagayan de Oro and Malaybalay.

Following the production of the shocking Daisy’s Destruction, police issued a global manhunt for the film’s maker.

Scully was arrested at his home in the Philippines in February 2015.

His former lawyer Alejandra Jose Pallugna has revealed Scully treats jail like a holiday and has demanded a mobile phone and fresh meat for dinner.

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