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Kendra Mackinen lives in Hillsboro Mo. She recently got a new job as a laborer for a major construction company.
Shes on the job just trying to live her best life, trying to find her a sugar daddy that will pay all her extravagant bills… and shes doing this at any cost necessary!
Her husband is a deployed marine stationed in Okinawa. She tells anyone that will listen that they are “seperated” so thereafter her hardcore flirting doesn’t go unnoticed.
This summer she found her a sucker… Recently to an (essential) nurse that has been working her tail off this summer. He fell for her eyebatting and entered into infidelity with her.
Recently, nurse wife planned a long needed vacation/honeymoon.
Kendra didnt like that her new found sugar was going to be spending time with HIS WIFE.
Sooo… she created a fake fb profile and sent the wife screenies of messages/photos between the 2.
They went on vacation anyway, however this has wrecked thier marriage.
Of course Kendras husband had no idea this was even going on. He thought Alex (sugars name) was a FEMALE friend of hers! Now that he knows, Mrs. Kendra is backtracking and has actually finally made it official that she is married on facebook.

Ladies in this industry work so hard to try to not be seen as Sluts on the job. Yet, while Alex was gone (before marine hubby knew) she was already trying to collect more phone numbers for her piggy bank.

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