Jason Hayes kennesawGA/vikingking-POF dating site/lier/cheaterPosted by On

Jason Hayes kennesawGA/vikingking-POF dating site/lier/cheater

Jason Hayes kennesawGA/vikingking-POF dating site/lier/cheater

Jason Hayes scams all women, friends (new or old) and his family too out of all the money he can CON from your bank account. Jason Hayes is a known Lier, bum that quits work as soon and with any excuse or reason he can, a big time CHEATER life time card carring member ! Dead beat Dad that blames his EX for all he can to deflect from him not caring to step up as a dad to his son , financially, emotionally or even be in his son’s life since birth. Jason made another child he never knew about and that family wanted nothing to do with him! Jason when not free loading and moving in with women would move back home into his Dad’s house and free load; no rent or help with bills and since Jason always is broke from not wanting employment could not even buy his own food! Jason used his elderly Dad on social security money for Jason’s needs like buying packs cigarettes a day. Jason had cancer twice and did not stop smoking, two heart attacks —unsure because Jason has no heart and never loves anyone-it’s all about him/Narcissist and he knows how to manipulate wowen into thinking HE loves them but be sure to know this he is a constant Lier and life time cheater and you better use protection or get tested for STDs!!! STEER CLEAR OF THIS SCUMBAG because if you find out all about this A**hole HE will continue to lie to your face telling you how he’s changed his life and is not the same person-DON’T BELIEVE HIM !! Many,many, women have learned from empty bank accounts and Jasen has broken up girl friend’s families and heart breaks to all in his world…just ask Donna Hayes and how she raised their son all by herself. Jason Hayes is on Plenty of fish and his profile is Vikingking and his being a retired wrestler is such a bullshit story-ego trip! Another bullshit Jason story is he’s a retired military sharp shooter! Warning::: Jason Hayes living in Kennesaw Georgia (born and raised) is a con man only looking to use you( girl friend, new friend- men or women!). Jason is a Lier, cheater, master manipulator and he’s back trolling on the dating websites like POF under profile name Vikingking. Steer clear of this walking STD! This guy is bad news and left plenty people (men and women) hating him and willing to share how Jason scammed them out of money that should have been spent on family/children/household exspenses BUT Jason doesn’t care because he doesn’t even support his son or contribute in any way when he moves in with you or stays on your couch- ask anyone that know him!! And if he barrows money you can kiss that good bye – he has never repaid anyone or even has any guilt over the money he scams away from your children. And Jason’s Mom really is a dirtbag user too that will barrow, scam, lie just like Jason. Guess she taught him well.

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