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He posted nude images of his ex-girlfriend online and continually made sure people where she lived saw them. He continued to use them to embarrass her even when she moved to another state and has caused her to lose several jobs and have issues with friendships and more serious relationships due to the images. He also enjoys doing this to other women as he gets off on humiliating women in this way. He got away with all of this legally but at the very least his victims found a way to get back at him, fighting fire with fire.
A friend of one of the victims was able to get a trojan horse program (RAT) on James’ computer which gave him access to all of James’ social media accounts and e-mails. He found some nude images of James and also captured several videos of James where he was masturbating while on webcam with various females. Clips from these videos make up most of the images of James being posted today.
James then claimed that he was a victim and gained some support in this way until people found out what he had previously done. Now he is quickly becoming a laughing stock anywhere he goes as his embarrassing nudes are plastered everywhere and also sent to people from where he lives. Fantastic karma for this douche.
However, he does like to point out that millions of people have seen his victims nude and only a handful ever seen him and that means he has “won” in his mind. He claims he doesn’t face any harassment in real life and has never been recognized in real life due to his nudes like his victims have had to deal with. He pretends that the nude images are not bothering him at all currently and despite his phone number being posted along with his images that he gets no texts about them either. No e-mails, no PM’s, no texts, he hears nothing about the images and that they have failed to embarrass him with the images.
I am not sure how true any of that is as he did sue one person for posting his images and there are posts showing that he was very concerned and embarrassed. He lost the court case and in the end his images are now legally public domain making it impossible for him to deal with having the images posted online or used anywhere for any reason at all! That is seriously worrisome for him. They could end up being used anywhere and there is nothing he can do about it anymore.
He has also deleted all of his social media accounts. That alone makes it pretty clear he was being harassed about his images.
I now want to take some time to clear things up for the few who were think it has been him posting the images of himself, something that makes zero sense when you really look into all of it (especially how many times and places he has had the images removed from before they were made public domain), all you have to do is talk to his ex or anyone who actually knows him to find out the whole story is true and how he wants nothing more then to have the images of him erased from existence. I have done actual investigating into this matter and have concluded that this story is 100% factual and even if he did want the images to be seen by a few women a long time ago (something I do not believe to be true), he defiantly hasn’t wanted them to be seen by everyone and to cause him job loss, friend loss, to be dumped and to have all of his friends and family see them, including young female relatives and their friends. Even if you want to believe he did all of the early posting of his nude images himself, which his ex and many others will tell you isn’t true, he clearly didn’t want them to continue to be spread outside of his power and to be seen by as many who are seeing them and he has tried to clean them all up and remove them and is so very obviously deeply embarrassed by them now.
I have seen several people who are convinced he is solely doing this to himself yet they are also going around posting his images everywhere along with claims that James is the one doing it. No, you are _also_ doing it. So is several other people who also think everyone else is James doing it. There are so many people doing this that think each other is James it is honestly hilarious. All the while James is going around trying to remove it all and I am 100% convinced never posted a single nude image of himself online. Each of these people think they are the ONLY other person posting his nudes around. No, you are not special. Every other person doing it is not James, lol. Many of his victims have spread them, his ex has posted it a few places she told me, the man who got them in the first place has plastered them all over and sent them to many many people who know or live near James. I have spoken to several people who have posted them online. As far as these images of James holding up various signs stating that he is doing this or that.. they are fake. There are many versions of the image, all with different writings on the paper he is holding. In fact, a lot of the images are fake, even some of the nude ones. In one image he was actually wearing shorts while in front of the webcam and it was edited to make him look nude. James states that about half of the images are fake but I do believe it is much less than that, but some are indeed fake.
In conclusion, I believe James deserves the exposure and embarrassment. I think people should know what he has done and if they want to see the images of him then they can see them. What he did to his ex and a few other women was/is terrible! He has ruined major parts of their lives and caused so much stress and embarrassment and that they deserve some form of justice. Even if this isn’t exactly the best kind of justice, they do at least feel that he now knows what it feels like… at least a little. I think this is a great example of karma and that people should stop with the whole “he wants people to see the pics” because all that is doing is preventing his victims from getting their justice. People will not look at the images or know what he has done to be true and real. Share the story, the images, his info and know that you have helped his victims get some form of justice, even if it is just payback. They still want him to be as exposed as they were and it isn’t even close. It most likely will never be, as female nudes are far more popular and will be passed around and go viral much easier. However, these images are not meant to be titillating or sexually exciting… they are to be pointed to and laughed at. To make a joke out of him. To take away his power over these women. To expose and shame him and bring him not only down to the level of his victims, but to put him below them. Only then will he know what it is truly like… what his victims went through… and maybe then he will never do this to another female again.
James phone: (760) 996-9606
James e-mail: nomadowns@yahoo.com

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