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David Cuthill & Shrldon Cuthill twins

David Cuthill

David & Shrldon Cuthill fron red deer Alberta are the worst lying psycho narcissistic twins on this earth. Everything they say is just blaming down playing lies. They never seem to be able to admit the truth about what they done. They blame and lie. Bullying since 1995 n maybe before. They harrasse women, threaten, and lie agsinst beautiful people. They even know they are wrong but never ever take responsibility for any of their actions. They are both drug addicts and sex fiends. They suck in bed and cannot put out more than 90 seconds. Worst twins on this earth. Both are so handsome, popular, and full of crap idiotic losers. All their stupid friends are all absolutely evil bullies as well. Everyone just believes their evil lies and listens to these stupid retarded lying tormenting fuckers. Hope you both like hell cuz that’s where your going when you csnt seem to take any responsibility for your actions and keep bullying, gossiping, and slandering innocent people for your own benefit!! Your mom is in hell for sure for creating such sick mentally retarded evil twin boys. Yoh might be good looking but your still disgusting internally!!!! David stewart Cithill ia addicted to cocaine. Dealing drugs out of his dads camper CSN. Sheldons having sexual relations with female looking mske transgender llama voiced prepubescent females that might not be females. They both have sex with the same girls which makes them even nastier. They think their so tough and can beat everyone up. I dare you to take in sheldon snd put that bitch in his place. He lives on 39 street in mountain view red deer slberta. Tey bearing hom UO!!!! You cant!!! Hes just to tough for you. Lmao




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