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Carla Poplawski The Cheater

This is my girl Carla Poplawski and she’s a major cheater. Carla is a serial cheater and manipulator of men. She made me believe she was faithful and loyal and she never cheats. Then I found out about all the other guys she has cheated on. She’s cheated on me with Alex Kaliel who is a completely crazy dude. She cheated on Phil Green with that crazy guy Alex again. She cheated on Alex Kaliel himself. I have good reason to believe she’s still cheating on me and the number of guys she has cheated on is as high as 15 or 16 guys. That’s over a dozen men. Don’t be fooled by her innocent looks and innocent charm, she might look like an Angel but she’s really the Devil in disguise. She is a serial cheater really.

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