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BEWARE-Kenny Bling the Coward

BEWARE-Kenny Bling the Coward

This filthy slimy dirt bag of a human loves to prey on girls from the projects. he has cheated repeatedly on a few of really good women in his life, the charm most psycopath have. The lies are very well said. He has broken down a good person emotionally only to satisfy his sexual needs. He has had a few good solid woman in his life that were loyal, but he fails to remain loyal to them. You will find him hunting around the low income projects in Lower town preying on anything that would sleep with this filthy slime bucket. He has low esteem issues and insecurities which cause him to use his DJ’ing status to lure these vulnerable girls in thinking they are important, he’s been caught lying and cheating on every girl he has been with. he will lie to you and tell you that you are crazy and not to believe them. STAY AWAY FROM THIS LYING NARCISSIST PEROSNALITY DISORDER scum bag. he will bring absolutely nothing valuable to your life.

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BEWARE-Kenny Bling the CowardKenny Bling the coward and cheater

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