Ashley Schurr — Homewrecker but still Tinder’sPosted by On

Ashley Schurr — Homewrecker but still Tinder’s

Ashley Schurr

Ashley Schurr — Homewrecker but still Tinder’s. Ashley Schurr is a crazy insecure slore who preys upon married men with children. She is after their “money” and when she doesn’t get her way she acts single and goes on Tinder to seek attention from other men. This is a manipulation tactic used by narcissist individuals. She should not be allowed around any child as she is a very sick twisted individual. She claims she doesn’t do one night stands yet she has fu**ed half of Saskatoon. My cousin hooked up with her after the bar one night a few years ago and said him and his friends gang banged her. She Is the worst kind of crazy you can find.



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“Ashley”Ashley SchurrAshley Schurr — Homewrecker but still Tinder’sHomewreckerSchurrTinders

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