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Ashelyn Shamiya McBride Rodriguez

Ashelyn Shamiya McBride Rodriguez

This swine was 16 years old living in Arkansas dating a MARRIED man who she recently married . (I’ve attached photos ) Shes obsessed with me (his ex ) shes posted lies on here about my husband ,children and I to where I’ve been harrassed by many I don’t even know . Shes made fake profiles begging my husband to call her trying to sink her swine flu into him until he showed me and I cussed her out . Unlike her man who has also been in my inbox MINE DONT CHEAT & NEITHER HAVE I EVER WANTED CODY . That man beat me until I had a miscarriage with a child we made together ,cheated on his ex wife multiple times and I didn’t know about her but when I saw what kind of person he was I left his big ass . He told Ashelyn about being married and having a child and she didn’t care she left Arkansas in 2017 in may and went to Warren ohio to be with CODY while he was still MARRIED TO HIS CHILDS MOTHER . who she also tried to start problems with . Cody told me in messages that he is sorry and he dont wanna have kids with her ,when she made a post about me on here I was pregnant with my HUSBAND AND I children . I have been approached by men at the grocery store saying they saw me on this site and to be careful (thank goodness those encounters didn’t end differently) . She has told me herself that CODY STILL BEATS ON WOMEN but she likes to fight back …. good for you stupid !!!@ I love me some me & after I left him and met my husband I never had to deal with any problems but this girl posting lies about me cause her husband CODY still wants me and regrets ever lying and running me off . He contacts me thru his friends and family because she always watching his profiles and accounts she gets into them. I’ve made it to where he can no longer contact me because he was disrespectful to my husband saying he wished our children were his !!@@ that’s a big NO NO !!!! I tried to warn her and tell her all about him , but she insisted that I want this man THAT I left !!! I do not , I am happily married and wear my husband’s last name PROUDLY . I’ve never embarrassed him and he never me ! She can’t say the same everyone knows about CODY THE TRUCK DRIVER WITH BAD TEETH . Ashelyn Shamiya on Facebook she has two accounts and also Ashxx1 on Instagram…. She tries to flip things on others instead of addrywhos to blame . I will be contacting her job and school with this info , shes the homewrecker poor Cody’s ex wife . He still contacts her saying he doesn’t wanna be with ashelyn but she doesn’t wanna go back to Arkansas!!!!!!! All facts I have proof

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Ashelyn Shamiya McBride RodriguezWarren ohio

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