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MEET A TRUE BONER, A REAL D1CK Ladies of OC… BEWARE OF THIS SEXUAL PREDATOR, ALLEN BOERNER, 77-YEARS-OLD OF IRVINE, CALIFORNIA. This senior sicko trolls the hotspots in OC trying to pick up girls young enough to be his granddaughter. Once they go out with him, he gets them wasted and attempts to take advantage of them. He was arrested in 2019 after taking a 20-something hottie he met at Houston’s Restaurant in Irvine to the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach for a day of champagne and spa treatments, but that massage was no happy ending for her! He got her so drunk that she became violently ill and passed out. He pretended to do a good deed by bringing her to a local emergency room, but this pervert wasn’t about to let his good deed goes unpunished, at least not for her. While she was passed out on the hospital bed he allegedly sexually molested her with a foreign object. Luckily he was arrested when a hospital employee witnessed his perversion. He was hoping to pay off the victim but for some reason decided not to, so he was finally charged with this sexual crime last week. He bailed out of jail and is back trolling the area trying to romance other potential victims. He’s been out and about in OC, specifically Irvine and Newport Beach trying to hit on young ladies. He’s the CEO of GLS, Granite Loan Solutions in Irvine and has sat on the Board of Directors for Boy Scouts of America. Wonder if his neighbors at the posh Plaza Condominiums in Irvine know they’re living next to a sexual predator.

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Allen BoernerAllen Boerner — OC SEXUAL PERVERT

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